Katerina Kosterina — modern artist.

Based in Moskow (Russia). Born in Chisinau (Moldova)

Art - is a meaningful part of my life. Since childhood, it was my main source of inspiration and happiness. From the age of 10 for more than 2 decades my life was dedicated to learning and working in the art field: art-school, collage and art academy. And today I still go on with my experiments, amazing discoveries and self-education. That's my deep conviction - each of us should learn during the whole life, moreover, we have so many chances for that nowadays.

I am inspired by people who want to change the world, make it better and more interesting. I am inspired by courageous persons who are not afraid to show their individuality. And I hope that my personality and my art achieve this goal.

The world is so versatile, that inspiration can be found everywhere, you just need to be able to see it and translate through your prism.

I adore colors, textures, different combinations of them. That's why I'm a fan of collage - that's my personal sort of meditation). Also, I like painting with oil and acrylics, drawing with charcoal and ink. I combine all these materials and create something unique.

I found my best way to dive into a media - to create a marathon with everyday drawing with one material and discover its possibilities. Thus I've just finished a 111-days challenge with Indian ink. And that was an amazing experience!


Because of motherhood at the moment I can't pay to my passion as much time and effort as I would like. Although it remains my best source of energy, my airhole.

And my son is the main inspiration. At the age of 1.5 we made our first art collaboration and it was a success)

I want him to be proud of me and show an example of dedication, perseverance, and passion for work. I believe that a woman in modern society besides being a mother can also be a wealthy and interesting person. I can see this kind of strong and inspiring women, although there are not many of them.

And I want to be such an example for other women, who feel depressed and exhausted. I'd like to demonstrate the power of small, but permanent steps through my artway.

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2003 - 2007    College of Arts Alexandru Plamadeala, Chisinau, Moldova

2009 - 2013    Academy of Arts, Chisinau, Moldova

2018               Online courses in "Простая школа"

2018 - 2019    Online courses, Elena Tarutina

Selected exhibitions

2008               Pietate, Artcentre «C. Brancusi», Chisinau, Moldova

2013               Art Laboratory, Tipografia 5, Chisinau, Moldova

2016               Yardsale «TheArt», Chisinau, Moldova

2017               Tineri Creatori, Artcentre «C. Brancusi», Chisinau, Moldova

2019               13-th annual exhibition of young artists, Saint-Petersburg

2019                The 1-st festival of collage art«Режь да клей», Moskow

2019                «Muse has to work», Artmuza, Saint-Petersburg


2011               TRENDHUNTER.COM

2011                Barcode Magazine (Moldova) VIDEO

2012                Art Out Magazine (Romania)

2012                ALLFUN.MD (Moldova)

2013                DIEZ.MD (Moldova)

2013                CHASSEUR MAGAZINE (France)

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