Ink + numerous experiments.

A 111-day personal research marathon shared in Instagram Stories.

I started this lengthy project for deeper immersion in a specific material – ink. Black and color ink, both.

Every day for 111 days I came up with small assignments, making the best of free time of a toddler’s mom. The tasks included a number of interaction experiments with other materials as well as methodological studies of tone, texture, and so on and so forth. Doodles, emerging from the depth of the unconscious, were important elements of the game.

I kept uploading all these assignments to Instagram daily, along with the snaps illustrating my working process, some extra tests, my associated thoughts and findings.

“Inkmarathon” quickly got a massive response of my subscribers, and even inspired someone to run their own experiments.

During the marathon I tried a great number of different techniques, including inventing them myself. I made collages with ink textures, painted with my left hand, produced monotypes, made drafts in the tube, used different materials that came to hand on different surfaces. I made some drawings (this experience has even grown into a larger project titled 1.5 artists). I made a drafting pen out of tin cans, tried Chinese painting on rice paper, experimented with ink dripping and a toothbrush, apart from many other things).


Further, I painted copies of paintings created by my favorite artists (M. Miturich, D. Hockney, P. Picasso), trying their technique in my personal subjects.


I made quite a big number of personal discoveries while I was working on this challenging project. I’m planning to carry on some themes, and some other themes will serve as grounds for new experiments.



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