This is my first experience of artistic collaboration with my son Sasha (Sancho), who turned a year and a half when we were working on the project.


Monochrome vs. color, professionalism vs. childish spontaneity, meticulousness vs. bold gestures, mother vs. son, 31,5 y.o. vs. 1,5 y.o.


Who plays the first violin in this duo – this question I’d leave without an answer. I gravitate not toward competition, but toward symbiosis, where one ideally complements the other.


We created these pictures based on our personal preferences and creative experiences. For Sancho it will be the first (I believe, not the last) important project which was launched when he was just 1,5 y.o.


One of the ideas is how fresh and new creativity stream breaks into the commonplace, beautiful, and, at first glance, not boring creative work. This artwork is about how young blood and freedom take over scrupulous "craft". I really want this idea to be actually perceived; it should not be interpreted  as a postcard made in “mom-and-son-painted-together” style. It can be found in absolutely any family with a kid. It is not yet clear where the path would take this kid — he may not be going into a creative field of work.   


But it is worth thinking of an option that his art might excite the audience one day. And, perhaps, his mother will be honored to do so – today no one is destined to know this. In any case, the project that you see today, is the FIRST of its sort!

The final idea emerged on one of those days when Sancho decided to finish off my drawing from Inkmarathon with felt-tip pens. I realized that in this form it acquired a completely new quality and meaning! Ink drawing which could be called “spoiled” by children’s scribbles, in this particular case gains completeness and value literally  from them.  

Why is so?

Because this is the idea.

All artworks of 1.5 artists project (8 artworks in total) were put up for sale for a symbolic sum of $15. Therefore, anyone could become a collector, contributing to the final stage of this project, and feel as an art investor.


This project was not launched to pursue some financial goal. However, it is a very important element of the idea. It is particularly worth mentioning that despite the 30-year age difference, Sancho was the first to put his works on sale in contrast to his mom who has never sold her artworks).


At present, we sold 5 out of 8 works.. It means that Sancho already has a line in his CV about the sale of his artworks at the tender age of 1.5.

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