Research project featuring a still life and mixed technique.


A series of works that emerged quite spontaneously from an online training course – actually, it all started with drawing from life across different layers of vision. However, I wanted to carry out this experiment: I had to learn how long I would last and which direction I’d take. In contrast to Inkmarathon, where the only material was involved, this project accentuated the same staging that I could see and portray in a new way, using new technique, materials, and focusing on different aspects.

In total, I made 54 still lifes as minimum.

Surprisingly, even at the end of the project, 3 months later, I did not feel bored or tired. On the contrary, the more I studied and painted, the easier it was to isolate the main issues and convey the plastic idea. This experiment opened up some new edges of interaction with staging. Most importantly, I realized that it was not nature that matters. It matters how the artist sees and dissects it.

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